Homebrew Competition
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Sponsored by Strange Brew and Deja Brew BOP

The WIZARDS Annual Home Brew Competition has currently been put on hold in favor the quarterly mini-comps. 

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  1. Entries in all BJCP categories and sub-categories (sorry, no ciders or meads). Categories are defined and judged by BJCP style Guidelines.
  2. Anyone who can legally make home-brew and does not brew beer professionally is eligible to enter.
  3. All entries must be made at home or at a Brew-on-Premise such as Deja-Brew.
  4. Each brewer is limited to one entry per subcategory.
  5. Each brewer is limited to a maximum of five entries in total.
  6. Categories may be collapsed for judging and awards at the discretion of the WIZARDS.
  7. All entries must be received by TBD.
  8. Three bottles are required for each entry. Two will be used for first round judging and the third is reserved for the Best of Show round.
  9. Each entry must be accompanied by your entry fee and entry form.
  10. $5 Entry Fee for each entry with a $1 discount per entry for all active WIZARDS members. To qualify for the club discount, dues for the current year must be paid in full. Cash preferred. Make checks payable to Bill Nevits
  11. Each entry must have one bottle label attached by rubber band (no tape or glue). Label must face out and be readable without removing rubber band.
  12. Bottles and caps should be free of identifying marks.
  13. Drop-off locations are Strangebrew in Marlboro and Deja-Brew in Shrewsbury. Directions are available on our web site. Please do not assume the drop location will have the necessary paperwork to complete your entries.
  14. The best of show beer may be brewed commercially. Therefore, you must agree to provide your recipe if your entry advances to the Best of Show round. If you do not want to be considered for best of show please mention this under comments on your entry form.
  15. Decision of the judges is final.
  16. Results will be announced on National Homebrew Day, TBD at 2PM at a WIZARDS Club Brew Day to be held at Strange Brew in Marlboro. A complete list of wining entries will be posted on the WIZARDS web site shortly after the awards ceremony. Winners will be notified to pick up any awards at Strange Brew in Marlboro.
  17. If you would like your scorce sheets returned, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope with your entry. Note, multiple entries will require multiple stamps on your envelope.

The WIZARDS would like to thank all those who donated prizes for the 2012 Home Brew Competition awards. They support us - please support them!

And let's not forget about these event sponsors from past years. They deserve our business too!


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