2005 Homebrew Competition Winner
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The WIZARDS are pleased to announce the release of Kerry’s Kolsch. This beer was the Best of Show winner from our 7th Annual Home-Brew Competition and is now commercially available thanks to Ben at the Nashoba Valley Winery. Kerry's Kolsch is now available on tap at the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson and in bottles at the Shoppe at Nashoba Winery in Bolton.

Special Reserve-Kerry’s Kolsch

Most drinkers will mistake this beer for a light lager or Blond Ale, and the flavor is not much different. Light gold in color, delicate malt flavor followed by a dry finish. Perfect for summer drinking.

Ingredients: Malt: Pale 83% Wheat 17%

Hops: Spalter and Hallertau

O.G. 1.044 F.G. 1.010 ABV 4.44% 17 IBU's

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