A wizards special event - October 2003
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Octoberfest 2003

Octoberfest was the theme of our October club meeting again this year. But this year's event could be called anything but typical. Between the homebrews and commercial beers, we had fifteen different Ofests to sample and rate.

Three flights were created from the entries and doled out to three different teams. The teams ranked the brews on a scale of 1-5 and the top two beers from each flight were submitted to a Best of Show round. With the entire club judging, Sam Adams Octoberfest was proclaimed the best of the best.

As a sad footnote, this is the first time in club history that a commercial beer has won the annual Octoberfest challenge over one of the club's homebrews. Hopefully this will not become a trend.

Complete results and tasting notes are shown in the table below.

Entry Flight/Place Brewer Tasting Notes
A1 BOS/1st Place Sam Adams Heavy hop bitterness for Ofest; not much malt in aroma; hops dominate over malt
A1 Flight 1/2nd Place Sam Adams Copper color; nice head; sweet malt and fruity; hops low; roasted malt flavor with slight bitterness on tongue; slightly harsh
B2 BOS/2nd Place Thomas Hooker Malt over hop aroma; malt in nose; clean; good hop/malt balance; Munich malt character and sweetness
B2 Flight 2/2nd Place Thomas Hooker Slight malty aroma; lingering bitterness; malty palate; touch of harshness; bitterness over malt
B3 BOS/3rd Place (tie) Harpoon Good malt nose; little bitterness at the end; thin; bit too bitter for an Ofest
B3 Flight 2/1st Place Harpoon Nice malt aroma; no hop in nose; nice malt/aroma balance
C4 BOS/3rd Place (tie) Spaten Munich nose but could use more malt; good hop/malt balance; medium body
C4 Flight 3/2nd Place Spaten Tight head retention; good clarity; good beer; solid base malts; sweetness is right; good nose
A3 BOS/5th Place Otter Creek Good head; malty nose; Munich malt sweetness in taste
A3 Flight 1/1st Place Otter Creek Copper color; clear; nice head; malty aroma; body low; malty with a slight nutty finish
C3 BOS/6th Place Brooklyn Hop and malt aroma; caramel; very thin; metallic finish
C3 Flight 3/1st Place Brooklyn Mild on malt; good clarity; no at robust; clean finish; good session beer
A2 Flight 1 Saranac Copper color; ok head; malty nose; slight tang; vegetal flavor but not bad beer
A4 Flight 1 Hacker Pschorr Copper color; clear; ok head; sour flavor
A5 Flight 1 Dave's Ofest Dark Copper color; nice clarity; good head retention; oxidized; malty flavor; heavy handed on spice
B1 Flight 2 Berkshire Butter aroma; diacetyl covers light maltiness
B4 Flight 2 Wurzburger Hofbrau Golden in color - light for an Ofest; thin - very light in malt; not an OFest
B5 Flight 2 Deja Brew Little light in color; Light but dominating hop aroma; more hop than malt in taste; too thin
C1 Flight 3 Paper City Sweet for an Ofest; too many chocolate malts; good balance - Chuck liked it; good clarity; nice head
C2 Flight 3 Wachusett Cloudy; bitter finish; not enough Munich character; n9ice head; lingering aftertaste
C5 Flight 3 Jeremy's Ofest Slight chill haze; nice head; too much chocolate malt - cloying sweetness; too dark

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