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April - June, 2001

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WIZARD's Upcoming Events

Upcoming Club Meetings

Club meetings this quarter will be April 17, May 15 and June 19 all at Deja Brew in Shrewsbury. Please note, meetings are now being held on the THIRD TUESDAY of each month. Check our web page, call Strangebrew or call Deja Brew for directions.

Upcoming Trips & Outings

ActivitiesClub Meetings
  • April 21 - Entry deadline for Wizards Home-brew Competition
  • April 29 - Judging for Wizards Home-brew Competition at Deja-Brew
  • April 28 - Earth Day - Annual Boston Pub Crawl
  • May 5 - National Homebrew Day - A day of brewing demonstrations at the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson.
  • July/August - Summer Cookout hosted by Brett - watch for more details
  • October - Club Only Brew Day
  • June Meeting - Pilsner Night - Brew any AHA category 2 pilsner for our club tasting.
  • July Meeting - Join Bill for a talk on brewing Milds in preparation for the AHA Club Only Mild Competition in November.
  • August Meeting - IPA Night - Brew any AHA category 7 IPA for our club tasting.
  • October Meeting - Annual Club Octoberfest Night
  • November Meeting - Mild Night and judging for the AHA Club-Only Mild Competition

Upcoming club activities are always posted on the club's website at Additional details will be published in the newsletter as they become available and provided via email to the club's egroups email list.

Pub Crawl - April 28

Join the WIZARDS pub crawl to he held on Earth Day '01 (April 28th)! We'll meet at the Alewife 'T' station, outside the turnstiles @ 12 noon. We will try to keep to the itinerary shown below so people can join up mid way through the day. Spouses and guests are more than welcome. Visit the WIZARDS web page for details about last year's pub crawl.

Directions to Alewife - From 128 (or anywhere else), take Route 2 into Boston/Cambridge. Not too far after the road narrows down to two lanes, you'll see an exit for Alewife Station on your right. Take and enter the parking garage. After parking, follow signs to "TRAINS." After going downstairs, open your eyes! We'll meet right in front of the turnstiles.

National Homebrew Day with the WIZARDS - May 5
Sponsored by Strangebrew, Dejabrew and the Horseshoe Pub

On National Homebrew Day, Saturday, May 5, the W.I.Z.A.R.D.s will host a day of brewing demonstrations at the HORSESHOE Pub in Hudson, Ma. This will feature all-grain and extract brewing demonstrations put on by our club members. The event should get underway at 10 AM and should be completed by 6 PM. Planned to coincide with National Homebrew Day, the day will also feature a nationwide home-brew toast at 2 PM.

All WIZARDS are encouraged to attend and especially encouraged to invite their family and friends to stop by! For those members wishing to put on their own brewing demonstration, please coordinate with Brian at Strangebrew.

For directions, call Horseshoe Pub or StrangeBrew Home Brewing Supplies - 508 460-5050

National Home-brew Day at the Horseshoe Pub
From Paul Gatza
Director-American Homebrewers Association

The AHA Big Brew will again coincide with National Homebrew Day on the first Saturday of May (May 5th in 2001).

The ancient Chinese cyclical calendar declares this the year of the CAP, so we have turned to Jeff Renner's recipe for "Your Father's Mustache." Because not all homebrewers have the system to lager, we have also added an American Brown Ale to the official recipe list and for the brewers of hybrid styles, we have received permission from Scott Abene to use his Cream Ale recipe, entitled "Genessee My Butt." Versions of each recipe will be available for brewers who choose to employ extract kits, extracts with specialty grains and all-grain. These ideas were forwarded by an informal committee of brewers who have been involved in past Big Brews.

One of my goals with forwarding two lighter colored styles as official recipes is that the brewing and sampling of these beers may serve as a friendly gateway to our hobby with individuals who have chosen not to investigate deeply into the world of beer due to fear of beer color or body. A simultaneous toast will again happen at noon central time.

Summer Cookout

The WIZARDS are happy to announce the first plans for the 2001 Summer Cookout. This year's event will be hosted by Brett sometime in July or August (an exact date has not yet been set). The style of the month will be open, as long as it can be served cold and starts with an OG of 1040 or less. Watch the egroups for more information as it develops.

Picture of the Month - Chuck and his Kitchen Sink

Chuck has been telling us about the tap in his kitchen sink for years. This past summer we had the chance to see it for ourselves when Chuck hosted the September club meeting. Soon after this picture was taken, Chuck headed off to his winter home in Florida. I waited until this month to publish the photo to greet Chuck on his return to Massachusetts.

WIZARD's Club Business


Dues are now past due. If you haven't paid your dues for this year, please make plans to fork over twelve big ones at the next club meeting. Dues help the club in many ways. Dues pay our nominal expenses like buying the pretzels and cups for meetings. The biggest way your dues are spent is at club functions where the club finds some way to treat everyone in attendance like buying the Christmas Ales at our holiday party this past December.


As always, articles and suggestions for the newsletter are both welcomed and encouraged and should be sent directly to Bill.

WIZARD's Recent Events

The Palate Education Series

The "Educating Your Palate" Series, hosted put on by Greg and Brett, was the special feature event of our January and March meetings this year. Through some creative doctoring of good old fashioned Budweiser, we were able to learn about many of the different flavors which can be found in beer such as sulfide, oxidized, diacteyl (buttery), bitterness, acetic (sour), astringent, sherry, estery/fruity, nutty, winey, sweet, phenolic, clovey and papery. Everyone in the club felt the Budweiser doctored with almond extract to give a nutty flavor was amongst the best Budweiser they ever had! For additional details on sensory evaluation, refer to the featured web sites shown below.

February Meeting

The club had a special treat at our February meeting when Jamie brought us a growler of Harpoon's Hiberian Ale. Hiberian is an Irish Red Ale limited run brew from Harpoon. It's available in draft only at selected pubs and is used to keep Harpoon taps occupied until the Kolsch comes out this summer. Only two batches were brewed this year at we had it at our club meeting!

February was also our Stout month. Three entries were available for tasting: two dry stouts and one oatmeal stout. Beer A had a fruity melon-like aroma and may have been thinner than desired. It was also the one that was the most different than the other two. Beer B was also too thin with a roasty aroma. Beer C was very dry. It was described as both an unusual finish and the most stylistically correct of the three. The oatmeal in the oatmeal stout went pretty much undetected. After all the votes were counted, it was beer B that came out on top. In case you're wondering A and B were the dry stouts and beer C was the Oatmeal Stout. Beer number 2, brewed by Bill, will be sent to the AHA as the club's entry in the April club only competition. Wish us luck!

Club Samplings

Homebrew tastings over the last few months have included Greg's all-new Dark Mild, Bock, Maibock, Dopplebock and Framboise, Phil's Pilsner and Jewel-in-the-Crown IPA, Bill's Irish Dry Stout, Wheat and Mild, Scott's Barleywine, Tony's Dunkelweizen and Cyser, Brett's Maibock, Drew's Saison and Belgian Triple and Eric's Belgian Dubbel. Commercial tastings included Negra Modelo (3/5), Blackbeard Ale (2/5), Salvador Doublebock, Z-Street Protector Doppelbock (2.5/5). Note, numbers in parenthesis, where available, show our rating on the five point scale with one being "it stinks" and five being "give me more."

The Other Stuff - Hints & Ideas

A Bud Worth Drinking

While the battle over the Budweiser trademark name between US-based Anheuser Busch and the Czech Republic-based Budejovicky Budvar Brewery is likely to go on for many years, good news reached American shores earlier this year. The Budejovicky Budvar Brewery recently began shipping the "true Budweiser" beer to America under the name Czechvar. Czechvar is currently available in seven states, including Massachusetts and New York, and has been spotted locally at the Bread and Circus chain in the Boston area.

Hint: How to Get Off Aromas Out

To get off aromas out of your beer, try slowly bubbling carbon dioxide through the beer. The carbon dioxide absorbs the aromas and carries it out of your good beer.

To Rest or Not To Rest: One Club's Opinion - Updated
By Bill Nevits

Last issue we discussed the need for the protein rest and reached the conclusion that such a rest is almost always unnecessary. Being one to practice what I preach and taking this advice to mind, I set off to brew my Weizenbier, a beer which I have always used a protein rest in the past.

Previous batches of this brew have all had a 30 minute protein rest at 122 degrees followed by a 60 minute mash at 151 degrees. Five batches have resulted in an OG of 1051 through 1053 with an average of 1052. In all cases, the finished volume of beer was five gallons or slightly more. This time I skipped the protein rest and started with a mash at 151 degrees for 60 minutes. The finished product had a slightly lower OG of 1048 and the volume of beer was slightly less than five gallons. As it is obvious that topping off the fermenter would have produced an even lower OG, should we assume skipping the protein rest has resulted in a lower extraction yield? Who knows. Clearly one instance cannot be taken as the only point of comparison, so we will have to label this occurrence as "interesting" and move on. I will continue to skip the rest in the future and after several more batches see if, indeed, the protein rest has any effect on extraction yield. Personally, I doubt it will.

Ship Sails from Back Bay to Quincy

In the April, 2000 newsletter, we had the unfortunate task of reporting the demise of brewing at the Back Bay Brewing Company. Unlike the Boston Herald or Yankee Brew News, this paper said "Rumor has it, Tod Mott, the head brewer may be moving to his own place in Quincy sometime last this year." In the July, 2000 newsletter, we confirmed this by reporting he is helping launch the Quincy Ships Brewing Company. Now we can confirm brewing has begun at Quincy Ships. Currently two craft brewed beers are available although more are expected in the future. Hopefully Tod and Quincy Ships will produce many new beers like those we used to enjoy at the Back Brewing Company. Quincy Ships is located at 579 Southern Artery (Route 3A) in Quincy.

Feature Sites

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