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Mini-Comp, Winners and Recipes
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The Mini-Comp is a joint WIZARDS / M4 club competition focusing on a single BJCP style. Each club holds their own mini-comp and the top two beers from each club advance to a best of show round. The best of show winner then gets to pick the style for a future mini-comp. Since the style is chosen three - six months in advance there is plenty of time to perfect your brew. Style talks are given several months prior to the competition to aid the brewer and sampling is done the before the mini-comp to aid the judge.  Judging is done at the club meetings using the BJCP scroresheet.

All club members are invited to take part in the mini-comp. The WIZARDS mini-comp is held at the February, May, August and November regularly scheduled club meetings. Entry fee is $5 with all proceeds going to the winner.

Mini-Comp Results
Year Quarter Style Winner Wizards vs. M4 Winner
2019 1 Chocolate Stout Eli Lloyd Andrew Nilson: M4
  2 Scotish Export 80 Craig Tamble No contest
  3 Cream Ale Duane Jenness No contest
  4 Irish Red Pat Galvin Jerimiah Hawley: M4
2018 1 California Common Eli Lloyd Eli Lloyd: Wizards
  2 Schwarzbier Duane Jenness Duane Jenness: Wizards
  3 Gose Craig Tamble Craig Tamble: Wizards
  4 Belgian Blonde Brian Girard No contest
2017 1 Kolsch Jim Halpin Jeremy Adams : M4
  2 Belgian Dubbel Duane Jenness Duane Jenness : Wizards
  3 Fruit Beer Zack Milstone Zack Milstone : Wizards
  4 English Dark Mild Bill Nevits Duane Jenness : Wizards
2016 1 Tropical Stout Miriam & Scott Morrison  
  2 Czech Pale Lager Duane Eli Lloyd : Wizards
  3 Saison Craig Tamble Craig Tamble : Wizards
  4 Vienna Lager Eli Lloyd Craig Tamble : Wizards
  Holiday Party Barley Wine Duane Jenness N/A
2015 1 ESB Brian Girard *Recipe*  
  2 Peep Beer Steve Jasinski  
  3 American Pale Ale Jon Moore  
  4 Trappist Single Bill Nevits  
2014 1 Baltic Porter Jay Harvey  
  2 Maibock Pat Galvin  
  3 Belgian Specialty Ale Jon Moore  
  4 Smoked Beer Pat Galvin  
2013 1 Dry Stout Rob Cohane  
  2 Dark American Lager Joey Flournoy  
  3 Imperial IPA Eli Lloyd  
  4 Scottish 80 Pat Galvin  
2012 3 Hefeweizen Rob Ross  
  4 Wheat Rob Cohane  

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