The WIZARDS Newsletter
May, 2006

WIZARD's Club News

Upcoming Club Meetings

Club meetings this quarter will be June 20, July 18 and August 15 all at Deja Brew in Shrewsbury. Check our web page, call Strange Brew or call Deja Brew for directions.

Club Meeting Minutes and Upcoming Events

The following are the minutes for the May 2006 club meeting:

The club would like to start this week's minutes by thanking Dave for his generosity in obtaining new sampling glasses for club meetings. Rumor has it he sweet talked them out of the Guniess girls at the Horseshoe Pub.

The club would also like to wish Deja Brew a Happy 10th Anniversary.

One new dues paying members signed up this week. Please join us in welcoming Steve D'Ambrosia to the club. As a welcoming gesture Steve invited us to tour his hop garden during harvest season for the August meeting.

The July Swill-Off Meeting was discussed. Greg proposed and the club quickly agreed that all entries for the swill-off be provided in 40 ounce bottles. For more information on the swill-off, please see past highlights at Summer Swill-Off 2002 or Summer Swill-Off 2000.

Nominations for club office were held. Greg and Dave were nominated for president. Bill and Greg were nominated for treasurer. Elections will be held at the June meeting.

The club would like to ask their head brewer - Jeremy - if he can organize an extract 5 gallon wheat beer brew to be made at the June meeting and enjoyed at the August meeting.

The WIZARDS dues amnesty program will continue through June. Any active member who pays their 2006/2007 dues on time (by the June meeting) will have any past debts forgiven. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get caught up on back dues and help fund the club at the same time. Heck its only twelve bucks...

Upcoming club activities are always posted on the club's website at Additional details will be published in the newsletter as they become available and provided via email to the club's egroups email list.

Topics for the Club's Next Business Meeting
  1. None yet!

Dues for 2006/2007 are now due. Dues are still a bargain at $12/year and cover most, if not all, of our club activities. Dues pay our nominal expenses like buying the pretzels and cups for meetings. The biggest way your dues are spent is at club functions where the club finds some way to treat everyone in attendance like buying the pizza at our holiday party this past December or buying the appetizers on the annual pub crawl.


As always, articles and suggestions for the newsletter are both welcomed and encouraged and should be sent directly to Bill.

WIZARD's Recent Events

National Homebrew Day

The club's annual brew day was held on National Homebrew Day on May 6th on the front porch are Strange Brew. Brewing for the day were Greg, Bill, Dave and newcomer Zack. In addition to participating in the nationwide homebrew toast, the winners for this year's WIZARDS homebrew competition were announced. Results are available on the web page. Brian has also posted some pictures on the egroups page.

Pale Ale Night at the May Meeting

May was Pale Ale month and it certainly didn't disapoint. This could have been one of our biggest meetings in a long time - both from the number of people and the number of beers perspective. We had at least sixteen different ales to try, some homebrews and some commercial beers. Below are some notes courtesty of Mike Reilly.

It is really amazing the breadth of color, flavor, aroma and malt/bitter balance available in just one style - Pale Ale. East Coast, West Coast, English, homemade, even IPA; we had something of each. My own personal fave of the sampling was Steve D'Ambrosio's (I hope I got the spelling correct) homebrew "Home Grown Pale Ale", ALL the hops in which was grown in his own home hopyard (and THEN they hooked it up and ran it through Greg's hops infusion whatzis for even MORE aroma!)

A few Pale Ales to Sample Dave at the Hopinator

More photos on the egroup page at

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