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WIZARDS Brewing Styles
Title & Date Description & Contents
Altbier Notes Notes for Altbier brewing
Mild Top Ten Top Ten Things You Should Know About Mild
English Dark Mild Mini-Comp Presentation
Make Mine Mild Everything you wanted to know about mild: style guide and overview, history, brewing tips, recipes and more.
IPA Brewing IPAs, First presented at the November 2008 club meeting
Ordinary Bitter Brewing Ordinary Bitters, a transcipt from Jamil's January 30, 2006 show
Oktoberfest Oktoberfest Brewing, courtesy of Phil
An Introduction to Porter An Introduction to Porter, compliments of Jeremy, October 2008
Brown Porter Brewing Brown Porters, October 2008
California Common Mini-Comp Presentation, January 2018
Fruit Beer Mini-Comp Presentation
Sour Beer Mini-Comp Presentation
Cider Everything you need to know about cider making, December 2002

WIZARDS Brewing Tips
Title Description & Contents
Brewing Better Extract Beers Better Extract Brewing Round Table Discussion, August 2009
Yeast Washing Yeast Washing and Reusing, first presented at the May 2009 club meeting
Building a Kegorator A Tale of Two Refridgerators, My Kegorator, December 2002
Fermenting Warm A Tale of Two Refridgerators, Keeping Warm With A Refrigerator , December 2002
Off Flavors in Beer Vik's presentation on off flavors in beer, March 2008
New to Brewing? Tips for the New Brewer, January 2008
Soda Bottle Carbonator Lids Make your own caps for force carbonating in plastic soda bottles, similar to the "Carbonator" product but cheaper and better, December 2009


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