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 Look forward to the following events with the WIZARDS.

 Club meetings are always held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 at Deja Brew in Shrewsbury, MA (see below for directions to Deja Brew).

Mini-comps are held quartely at the February, May, August and November regularly scheduled club meetings. Mini-comps are club only competions to hone your brewing and judging skills. Styles are picked three - six months in advance allowing plenty of time to perfect your brew. Style talks are given the month after a style is picked to aid the brewer and sampling is done the before the mini-comp to aid the judge. There is a $5 winner take all entry fee.

Special events and meetings are held as follows:

Month Club Activity Location
April Pub Crawl Wherever
May National Home Brew Day Strange Brew
July Swill-Off (club meeting) Deja Brew
September New England Homebrew Jamboree New Hampshire
September Octoberfest Tasting (club meeting) Deja Brew
December Holiday Party Bill & Darja's

Summer Swill-Off - This fun event looks at the best (??) the commercial world has to offer. See the Summer Swill-Off 2017 write-up from Pat for more ideas about this annual event.

Pub Crawl - Our annual pub crawl, usually through the streets of Boston.

National Homebrew Day - Join the WIZARDS for National Homebrew Day in the Strange Brew parking lot. The day features a club brew day.

Octoberfest - Every September the WIZARDS host an Octoberfest. The goal is to sample and enjoy as many homebrewed Ofests as we can but since we don't always have that many homebrews, we encourage everyone to bring a comercially made bottle or two - from wherever they can get it!

Holiday Party - The WIZARDS annual holiday party is usually held at one of our club member's house or at a local tavern. The exact date will be set in the fall of each year.

Special events from the past

Just to give you an idea of what else the club has been up to over the yearss

WIZARDS Open House/New Brewers Night - The January meeting will be targeted towards all those new brewers who received brew kits over the holidays. Special new brewer brochures will be added to all brew kits sold at area homebrew stores in November/December. The purpose of the meeting is to attract new club members. One special event to go with New Brewer's Night is "Bring Your Favorite Piece of Equipment" where you bring what excites you and a potential new brewer!

Fall Brew Day - Another club brew day, always held on the first weekend of October. Location to be determined each year.

Cider Night - Details of this event still need to be defined as we are looking for an event coordinator.

Quarterly Styles - All club members are encouraged to brewer the quarterly style and bring it to the specified club meeting. Prior to the quarterly style meeting (as specified by the club calendar), there will be a group discussion of the style. It will be either led by one individual or a free form group discussion.

Intro to Judging - This will be the informal session for judging training. At the meeting, we will discuss each style of the quarter beer as a group as if it were being judged (but we won't fill out the forms).

Judging Seminar - This meeting will a formal training session (including the forms) for the competition judging to be held the following month. All club members will be encouraged to participate.

Annual Homebrew Competition - Each year the WIZARDS sponsor our annual homebrew competition. The entry deadline will be the first Tuesday in April. Judging will be conducted at the April meeting by club members. Judge training will occur at the February and March meetings. Awards are presented on National Homebrew Day at the club's brew day.

Directions to Deja Brew and Our Monthly Meetings:

From the East, North and South - From Rt. 495, take Rt. 9 West for 7.4 miles, and reverse direction at Lake St (5th light, just past rt. 140). Deja Brew is immediately on the right.

From the West - Take Rt. 9 East into Shrewsbury. Deja Brew is 1.4 miles (4 lights) past Building 19, on your right.

Directions to the Alewife T Station for the Annual Earth Day Pub Crawl:

From 128 (or anywhere else), take Route 2 into Boston/Cambridge. Not too far after the road narrows down to two lanes, you'll see an exit for Alewife Station on your right. Take and enter the parking garage. After parking, follow signs to "TRAINS." After going downstairs, open your eyes! We'll meet right in front of the turnstiles.

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