The WIZARD's Yeast Experiment 2007


The WIZARDS conducted the great yeast experiment in the Spring of 2007. The concept, as introdouced in the May 2007 newsletter, is shown below followed by a summary of the results.

Your Choice - Yeast Experiment for the May Meeting

I, like most of you, always use liquid yeast. But I've always wondered whether this was necessary. Some years ago I did a somewhat controlled experiment (read about in the March 1999 Newsletter) and liquid yeast came out on top. But then again a lot has changed since then. There has been quite a change in the availability of dry yeasts since 1999. This led me to propose the next big club event "Your Choice - Yeast Experiment" which will be held at the May meeting.

The idea is pretty straight forward. Brew one beer using two different yeasts and compare the results. All club members are invited to participate in this event. Complete details follow:

Tasting Notes

  Ordinary Bitter  Bavarian Wheat  American Pale Ale  American Brown Ale 
Aroma  (D) Sweet, fruit/berries
(L) Light malt, toasty, grainy, less overall aroma than the dry yeast version 
(D) Apple, banana, bubblegum
(L) banana, slight clove, bubblegum, solvent 
(D) Much less to none
(L) citrus, fruity/apple, strawberry 
(D) Sweet, malty, coffee, roastiness, yeasty, esters, rich
(L) Similar but much less pronounced than the dry yeast 
Appearance  (D) Clearer  Same  (L) Much better head retention  Same 
Flavor/Mouthfeel  (D) Dry, thin, more flavorful than the liguid yeast
(L) fuller body, grainy, sweeter 
(D) Dry, slight astringent
(L) Dry, tarter, thinner, slightly sweet 
(D) Tart, drier, little harsh in the finish, thinner than the liquid yeast
(L) Maltiness, little more body and smoother than the dry yeast version 
(D) Drier, thinner, bitter finish
(L) Sweeter, more body that the dry yeast 
Yeast Used  (D) SA (unknown)
(L) Wyeast1968 
(D) SA06
(L) Wyeast3068 
(D) SA05
(L) Wyeast1056 
(D) SA05
(L) Wyeast1028 
Final Gravity  (D) 4.58P
(L) 6.58 P 
(D) 1010
(L) 1010 
(D) 1012
(L) 1014 
(D) 1010
(L) 1009 
Club Vote (D-L-Too close to call)  10-2-1  7-3-3  1-8-3  10-2-1 
  Dry Yeast Wins!  Dry Yeast Wins!  Liquid Yeast Wins!  Dry Yeast Wins! 


While a fascinating experiment, its almost impossible to draw too many conclusions. It is interesting note that out of the four beers sampled, the club chose the beer made with dry yeast in three times. Although not statisically significant, it may tell us something about the use of dry yeast!